Monday, 3 August 2009

Stoychev Swims Into The Record Books Again

It seems that Petar Stoychev can quite simply be described as the best long distance swimmer in the world since we entered into the 21st Century. It is quite strange that he is not seen more in the public eye in Bulgaria as a VIP. Perhaps it is because the event is not an Olympic event that he doesn’t have a high podium standing in the Bulgarian media. It is a shame as he is fitter than most athletes in other sports such as football and basketball. Just try walking 34 kilometres then you’ll know why.

Stoychev Swims Into The Record Books Again
Bulgarian swimmer Petar Stoychev secured himself 9th World Cup in a row, one race before the end of the marathon swimming calendar for this year, winning the marathon in the town of Magog, Canada – 34 kilometers.
The Bulgarian made a historical record, improving his own result by around 6 minutes.
The best Bulgarian swimmer finished in the incredible 7 hours, 16 minutes and 22 seconds.
Two years ago, Stoychev set a new record with his 7 hours and 22 minutes.
“It was an incredible competition. Again it was held under hard conditions but I felt great all the time despite that the temperature of the water was of 18°C. I am very proud of myself, both for the new record and my 9th Word Cup in a row”, Bulgarian marathon swimmer Petar Stoychev said.
Stoychev secured himself the title in advance, for a ninth time in a row, triumphing one race before the end of the marathon swimming season.
“At the final, there were around 3,000 people, including about a hundred Bulgarians. When I get on the 1st place podium and the Bulgarian anthem resounded, almost everyone started crying. I couldn’t stop myself from crying either and my eyes filled with tears when I saw the joy and happiness of the Bulgarians who are so far from Bulgaria at this moment. I dedicate my latest title and today’s record to my family that has been supporting me over all these years”, Stoychev said.

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