Sunday, 16 August 2009

Bulgaria's Darik Radio - From Sound To Vision

Having recently posted don’t the Madonna English speaking affair with Darik Radio they (Darik Radio) are in the news again. From listening to watching is their transitional move right now with a TV medium planned. To be quite honest Bulgarian TV is dire. Whether the Darik push for another Bulgarian channel is in the same mode or a bit more stimulating remains to be seen. I’m not a fan of TV in any case so I don’t really care. It is after all another business medium geared around advertising and mainly advertising that is bad for your health.

Bulgaria's Darik Radio - From Sound To Vision

Bulgaria’s only national private radio station, Darik Radio, has received a registration for setting up a television channel, the Council for Electronic Media announced. The launch of the DRT TV channel has been scheduled for the end of the year at the latest.

“Darik radio will not suspend its broadcasts, the goal is to find one more channel for selling our product,” said Programme Director Konstantin Valkov. The company plans to modify its radio programme to the requirements of television broadcasting and build a brand new studio.

Meanwhile it emerged that the media watchdog has decided against slapping Darik Radio with a hefty fine for airing a recorded Madonna invitation to her fans in Bulgaria in English. Local legislation bans advertisements in foreign languages, but the Council for Electronic Media said that was not a major violation.
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