Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Britain's Working Families Fund The Bulgarian Mafia

I find this not surprising at all that the country I abandoned because I felt they didn’t care about me as a Brit now is funding the country I now live in. It just goes to prove a point that in this case unwittingly forced to pay, the UK cares more about supporting foreigners rather than their own people. Of course up until now the EU funds paid to date in been filtered into the hands of the mafia in Bulgaria, which is even more of a twist. Presently the funds are on hold until reforms and guarantees that funds are to be directed into legitimate business here. One think is for sure the Brits are becoming poorer and the Bulgarians don’t really see any benefit from any money being ploughed here, it is only businesses and that means mafia in disguise that will still gain from it.

Britain's Working Families Fund The Bulgarian Mafia
Every household in the UK will have to pay 257 pounds sterling towards the EU next year, according to the Daily Mail after - the newspaper claims - "Labour signed away much of Britain's hard-won budget rebate". And the newspaper claims that Bulgaria and Romania will top the list of recipients.

The Daily Mail say that official figures show that the share of the EU budget is to soar by almost 60 per cent to 6.4 billion pounds. The increase, which works out at 92 pounds for every British household, is detailed in a recently released Treasury document.

"As usual, the bulk of the budget will go on aid to the EU's poorer countries and agricultural subsidies. This year Britain will pay 4.1 billion pounds net to the EU - 800 million pounds more than the 3.3 billion pounds forecast by the Treasury, By 2010-11 the net figure will be 6.4 billion pounds," says the newspaper.

The article concludes by saying that "increases have been caused by extra demands for funding by new members, including Bulgaria and Romania".