Monday, 17 August 2009

Macedonia And Bulgaria Feud Continues

This feud between Macedonia and Bulgaria will never end, just like all the other conflicts between ongoing conflicting neighbouring countries. There is a deeply imbedded hate that can only be glossed over with politics, but even the politics is produces comments, which amount to be snide remarks. Sometime the conflicts between two countries that have a similar lifestyle and ways are more deeply rooted than widely different cultures and religions.

Macedonia And Bulgaria Feud Continues

Macedonia and Bulgaria should not allow abuse of the citizenship and passports as an alibi for family issues such as divorce and tax frauds, which was the case involving former healthcare minister Vlado Dimov. This is the reply of the Macedonian Foreign Ministry, after the Bulgarian authorities sent a verbal protest note at the Macedonian embassy to Sofia over possible pressure exerted on innocent citizens, Macedonian Nova Makedonija newspaper writes.

A couple of days ago the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry summoned for an informative talk Mrs. Divna Trickovska, chargé d'affaires of the Macedonian Embassy to Bulgaria. The Bulgarian authorities handed to Trickovska a protest note over the case of Spaska Mitrova from Gevgelija, sentenced to three-month imprisonment over family issues.

Macedonian politicians and historians judged that Bulgaria will strain its policy towards Macedonia, especially as “the popular negationist of the Macedonian nation” Bozhidar Dimitrov was elected minister for the diaspora. Experts in Macedonian-Bulgarian relations think that Dimitrov will start making intrigues to create an impression that Macedonia chases away the Bulgarians and the Macedonian media spread hatred, which could make Bulgaria impose veto on Macedonia’s accession to the EU, Nova Makedonija says.

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