Monday, 24 August 2009

Bike Or Beer Festival In Bulgaria's Veliko Tarnovo?

With the amount of beer that was consumed one would think that riding bikes would be the last thing that should be practised. I’m sure the police took a blind eye to this in the spirit of bikers’ celebrations in the area. I doubt whether the amount of riders ‘over the limit’ could be sufficiently dealt with by the police. That aside, I feel that it is refreshing that festivals like this can take place here without any source of trouble. I have seen quite a few ‘bikers’ who gather to party in costal resorts and there is no problem of conflict in those areas. They are Bulgarians who just love their motorcycles and the company of other who do.

Bike Or Beer Festival In Bulgaria's Veliko Tarnovo?

Thousands of bikers from all over Bulgaria and neighbouring countries gathered at the hill of Sveta Gora in Veliko Tarnovo for a third time in what has become a tradition over the last years. Cheered by powerful rock n' roll tunes and lured into a number of interesting contests, the bikers somehow managed to consume 20 tons of beer and 20000 meat balls, provided by the local bikers’ clubs - Bolyari and Bad Company.

The special guest of this happening was Deep Purple’s legendary bassist, Glenn Hughes. His visit to Bulgaria happened on his birthday - August 21 and he received many gifts. He drew the name of the winner of a brand new Harley Davidson.

The local Bad Company bikers club presented Hughes with a leather jacket with their emblem.
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