Thursday, 20 August 2009

24 Dead By Drowning At Black Sea Coast - So Far

I find that deaths of drowning in the sea are avoidable if warning signs are taken seriously. 18 out of the 24 who drowned where in unsupervised areas which says a lot for people taking risks in these areas. I all of the popular beach spots there are lifeguards from my experience. Accidents do happen, but reducing the risk of this is quite simple take the advice of red flags and don’t venture out! As for another story of sick Brit who hit a lifeguard, that is what everyone expects I would have encouraged him to go out and drown along with al the other Brits that come here without a shred of respect or brains for that matter!

24 Dead By Drowning At Black Sea Coast - So Far
Eighteen people have drowned on Bulgaria’s Black Sea southern coast since the start of the 2009 summer tourist season, in each case on beaches where there were no lifeguards.

This is according to a report on August 18 2009 by Bulgarian news agency Focus, quoting the Bulgarian Red Cross office in the southern Black Sea city of Bourgas.

A day earlier, the Bulgarian Red Cross in Varna said that six people had drowned in the area since the start of the season, a death rate lower than in summer 2008.

Four people drowned on August 16, including two foreigners.

Along the southern coast, beaches that have lifeguards have seen red warning flags hoisted to keep swimmers out of the water in the face of unusually high waves and strong swells.

However, on August 17 the ban led to an alleged case of assault in Bourgas where a British tourist is said to have hit a lifeguard who barred him from disobeying the red flag. Lifeguards said that previously, tourists had subjected them to verbal abuse for being prevented from entering the sea when it was dangerous for swimming.
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