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Mud Slinging In Pomorie - For Good Reason

Having visited Pomorie last year I can say without doubt that the wildlife and in particular the variety of birds that use this area is outstanding and should be protected at all costs. I wasn’t’ aware of the health benefits of the mud that the lake sits on, no doubt the mudslingers, including Miss Bulgaria 2009 should have no problem with their muscular physic over the next year or so with the mud that was caked over them.

Mud Slinging In Pomorie - For Good Reason

Miss Bulgaria 2009, Antonia Petrova (middle) together with environmentalists in Pomorie. The banner reads, "I love the Pomorie Lake".

The annual eco-festival, "The Magic of the Pomorie Lake", is taking place over the weekend in the Bulgarian Black Sea resort of Pomorie.

The annual environmental event celebrating the features of the Pomorie Lake, which is a lagoon off the Black Sea with an area of about 8 square kilometers.
The festival is organized by the Zeleni Balkani (Green Balkans) NGO, and is sponsored by the World Bank and the Embassy of the Netherlands to Bulgaria. It was opened by the new Dutch Ambassador to Bulgaria, Karel C. van Kesteren, and Miss Bulgaria 2009, Antonia Petrova.

The main aim of the event is to raise awareness about the uniqueness of the Pomorie Lake and to help for its preservation. The lagoon is a point on the Via Pontica route of migrating birds, and birdwatching activities are one of the key points of the festival.

The 2009 edition of the event also emphasized the medical qualities of the Pomorie Lake mud, which is said to be able to heal bone and muscle illnesses.

In order to do that, the eco-fest also included a mud fight, in which a number of young people took part, including Miss Bulgaria 2009, Antonia Petrova.

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