Friday, 21 August 2009

Big Money Invested For Army Training In Bulgaria

This is very good news to local businesses in the area where the investment is planned. The partnership with American forces continues to develop and go from strength to strength. I find it quite disturbing though to find that this sort of money is found for army activities but other much needed finance towards education and health services are neglected. With better education there would be less need for war surely!

Big Money Invested For Army Training In Bulgaria
The US armed forces will invite infrastructure and construction projects with a combined price tag of $45 million for their Bulgarian bases.

The announcement posted at the website, which publishes proposals for orders to the private sector, does not pin down the precise projects. The contractors will design and construct buildings and roads as well as maintain and renovate existing projects. They will also lay down power and water transmission systems as well as overhaul the bases.

A total of $15 million will be split between subcontractors in the first of the three years of the project.

One or the bulk of the companies to be assigned contracts are expected to have the capacity to run projects ranging between $500 000 and $5 billion a year, with an option to award more than one order.

The notice is most likely aimed at attracting prospective candidates and assessing their capabilities without any further commitments. The candidates could establish contact with the assigners by the end of August. They are required to have experience in the field over the past five years.

Before September 2008, the US armed forces earmarked $61.15 million to finance construction works at its training area in Novo Selo. Eleven of the 13 contracts were awarded to Bulgarian companies.

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