Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Major Earthquake In NE Bulgaria

A big earthquake rocked the whole of Bulgaria this morning. Some reports say this was a 5.1 on the Richter scale although this report says 4.7. In all instances there is some major damage made in many areas and after shocks no doubt will come about as the fault settles down again. Again, this was a big one luckily lots of earthquakes makes is safer than not getting any at all.

Major Earthquake In NE Bulgaria

A 4,7 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale has been registered on the territory of Bulgaria at 10:49 am Wednesday.

The tremor's epicenter was at 41 kilometers South-East of the Romanian city Constata, and 15 km West of the town of Mangalia, again in Romania, at 30 kilometers deep in the ground.

The earthquake has been felt on the entire territory of Bulgaria - in the Black see cities of Burgas and Varna, in the bigger cities in Northern Bulgaria, Ruse and Pleven, and even in Western Bulgaria, where the capital Sofia is situated.

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