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Baby Business Boom For Bulgarian Traders Stopped

Supply and demand, the Greeks are no better for buying these Bulgarian babies than the Bulgarians selling them. My opinion is that unwanted babies have a right to be fostered in homes where they are wanted. Bulgarian mothers of these babies who sell them are also on unstable moral ground. This amounts to a trilogy of traders that all gain benefit, but it is against the law. Why on earth can’t this system work under a procedure that legalises it but doesn’t get tangled up in complicated regulations that cause this illegal trade to take place in the first instance. There would be all winners if this happened.

A newborn infant

Sofia police said they arrested three Bulgarians for allegedly selling 16 newborns to couples in Greece and Bulgaria in the past year.

The three suspects -- a lawyer, his female assistant and another woman -- were part of a ring selling infants to families who wanted to adopt children, the Athens News Agency said Thursday.

They are charged with organizing a group that was picking up pregnant Bulgarian women who were in dire financial straits, and paid the mothers from $2,000 to $3,500 per baby. The group then allegedly sold the babies to Greek couples for $42,000 to $56,000 per child. Baby boys were sold for more than girls, the Sofia News Agency said.

The Greek men claimed paternity through a legal procedure at Bulgarian hospitals where the babies were born, ANA reported.

The procedure was completed when Bulgarian authorities issued birth certificates and passports for the babies, allowing Greek couples to take the infants home.

In the past year, the group allegedly sold 13 babies to Greek couples and three babies to Bulgarian families.

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