Thursday, 25 June 2009

Bulgarian Mafia Supplying Arms To Greek Terrorists

Selling arms to terrorists goes on and as with most things that involve making big money, no conscience as to what the arms are to be used for makes any difference to Mafia based business. Innocent people of this world will be killed and maimed by terrorists who have received killing instruments such as these. These four Bulgarians that were caught I fear are the tip of the iceberg in this trade.

Bulgarian Mafia Supplying Arms To Greek Terrorists
Four Bulgarians were arrested by the Promahonas border police, while trying to import weapons and drugs in Greece. One policeman, pretending to be a client, met two of them – man and a woman, not far away from the border with Bulgaria. They arrived at the meeting point with two luxurious cars, in which later, the policemen found one Kalashnikov, three Russian guns with mufflers, 1.5 kilos of explosive TNT type, 5.4 kilos of explosive in plastic bottles, probably sodium ammonia and 17 grams of cocaine.

The four Bulgarians were arrested and taken to Thessaloniki and today, they will be questioned by the prosecutor in Seres. The investigation continues and the policemen are trying to determine whether this was their first attempt to transport weapons and explosives to Greece or they have connections to local criminals.

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