Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Bulgarians Prove Musical Talents Again

The versatility and talents of Bulgarian musician are proved again. Bulgaria has very strong links with Italy with many expatriate living and working there so it is no surprise that a little bit of Italy comes back to Sofia on occasions. I have to agree that the mandolin is one of the sweetest sounding instruments and a definite sound of summer.

Bulgarians Prove Musical Talents Again
As part of the annual Italian Qui Italia festival, Bulgarian orchestra Prima Visione delighted the audience at the Summer Estrada of Sofia with its mandolin concert of classical and romantic music.

Initiated by the Italian Cultural Institute, the second annual festival ran on June 17-23. Visitors relished authentic Italian cuisine, music, fashion, and atmosphere. Each night the festival showcased different performances from Italy, and the sixth evening featured the mandolin, an instrument originally from Naples. It is one of Italy's most melodious and gentle instruments.
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