Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Macedonia/Bulgaria Music Idol 3 Winner Magdalena

Having followed through the whole series of Music Idol 3 it is amazing how much musical talent is around in this part of the world. This year it was a joint Bulgarian and Macedonia event even though held in Bulgaria’s Sofia with translators involved. The winner was a Bulgarian Magdalena Dzhanavarova, but I know that SMS polls and figures are manipulated to create excitement on TV. I personally felt the winner deserved her win, but know that although it is a reality show, the reality is that it is a show geared towards getting ratings, which is why the statistics on votes are rigged. It was party time and belief that the statistics run true from the vast majority of Bulgarian viewers did not matter. That’s entertainment!

The 21-year-old Magdalena Dzhanavarova has won the Music Idol 3 reality song contest of Bulgaria and Macedonia.
Magdalena triumphed late Monday night at the final of Music Idol 3. The 24-year-old Bojan Stojkov from Bitolja, Republic of Macedonia.
The third edition of Bulgaria's Music Idol song contest included Macedonian participants and was also shown in Macedonia (FYROM), practically turning the reality show into a joint Bulgaria-Macedonia song contest.

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