Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bulgarian Pop Folk Star Azis In The News Again

Well Azis only mentioned in this blog in a recent post, is in the news again; it is a sign of how popular he is when violence, squabbling and controversy surround his concerts and performances. This will do his popularity now harm at all, but he will be concerned about his fans as he is a caring person from what I’ve seen of him. (He has appeared in the last two Bulgarian Big (VIP) Brother series so I know.)

Azis In The News Again

Fans of Bulgaria's controversial and eccentric singer Azis got in a fist fight Monday over tickets for his June 5 performance at the Diamond night club in Sofia.

The pop-folk star will perform some of his most popular songs after a 2-year long absence from the club stage.

The clash among fans of the flamboyant star was triggered by the limited number of tickets for sale, according to Diamond's owners, adding the limit has been introduced to give the opportunity to as many as possible of his admirers to attend the concert.

The club has also issued passes divided in two categories - VIP and general pass depending on the seating and the extras that come with it.

Extreme security measures will surround Azis' appearance. Over ten security guards have been scheduled to monitor the club round-the-clock, while the pop-folk singer will be accompanied by his own bodyguards.

Photographer, Kamen Valkanov, has prepared a special, and, of course, provocative photo session of Azis for the June 5 concert.

Photo by Old School Productions

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