Monday, 8 June 2009

Great Article On Bulgarian Seahorses

Quest Bulgaria Magazine owned by a Yorkshire man based in Sofia is a great source for professional articles on Bulgaria. It is an interesting article about seahorses from the Black Sea Coast that they have published today. With a fascination for these strange but enchanting creatures, I must say I am much the wiser now having bought souvenirs from Black Sea tourist shops without any thought The full article can be found on the following link -> Bulgarian Seahorses

Please give a thought to these beautiful, mythical creatures the next time you are on holiday strolling down a Bulgarian beach and they are offered to you as take-home souvenirs from the beach sellers. Over the last five years sea horse populations have been dwindling. Seahorses are particularly vulnerable to overexploitation, due to low mobility, and are used as a traditional medicine in China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines. Dried seahorses are viewed as a cure for a range of conditions such as asthma and skin disease. They are most commonly used as a treatment of sexual dysfunction! Asian nations consume around 45 tons of dried seahorses annually and yet there is no clinical proof that dried seahorses have any medicinal benefits.
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