Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sofia's Water Now Under Bulgarian Management

Good to see that Bulgaria is moving up the ladder in home grown management albeit indirectly from France and a USA Sponsored University in Bulgaria. This is a transition that has to happen. Business management skills and decision making is something that Bulgarians have had to take on for the first time since the early 90s. This is more evidence that these vital skills are being used.

Sofia's Water Now Under Bulgarian Management
A Bulgarian chief executive will head Sofia's water and sewerage company Sofiyska Voda, owned by Britain's United Utilities, for the first time. Starting July 1, the position will be filled by the company's current chief secretary Ivan Ivanov, Dnevnik daily has reported.

Sofiyska Voda confirmed the appointment in a statement, but have not disclosed any further information as to what brought about the change in the first place. "We will announce the change on July 1," the company statement said.

Ivanov will be the first Bulgarian executive in charge of Sofiyska Voda, whose top managment is now fully staffed by Bulgarians.

Outgoing chief executive Greg Endemano will remain with the company as a receiver. Endemano has been with Sofiyska Voda for the past two years, since the departure of previous CEO Kevin Starling.

The 36-year-old Ivanov has studied engineering chemistry in Toulouse and an MBA from the American University in Bulgaria. He joined the company in 2004.

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