Thursday, 4 June 2009

Metro Extensions Planned For Sofia Soon

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The Metro planned to lead to the Airport is the best news ever for visitors to Bulgaria. This will be the demise of the rogue taxi drivers who fleece tourists on every occasion. It can’t come too soon. Cities need Metro systems and it is nice to see Sofia moving swiftly in this direction, it will move the city up a league.

A new section of the Sofia, Bulgaria metro was officially inaugurated in May. The extension connects Vassil Levski stadium in the city’s downtown area the Mladost neighborhood in the south of the city. The city plans to continue expansion of the line to the Sofia airport over the next decade.

The new metro extension is six kilometers long and has five subway stations, a distance that can be covered in 10 minutes. The line is currently served by four trains traveling at seven-minute intervals. The final extension of the first line will be between the Serdica Metro Station and the Sofia University Metro Station, connecting the two parts of the line in September, 2009.

The new line extension benefits the areas of the city that haven’t been served before, in particular the Mladost neighborhood. It offers residents the benefits of a fast connection to the city center and should help to increase property prices in the area.

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