Thursday, 11 June 2009

SMS Abbreviation Tuition Planned School Children

This has already been part of SMS language in Bulgaria for a number of years. Language evolves and education must keep up to date with this. SMS is part of daily communication for thousands in Bulgaria. I feel that this is a good step to take and applaud the incentive to go ahead with it. Substituting "sh" and "ch" for 6 (shest)and 4 (cheteri) respectively just makes communicaton more efficient.

SMS Abbreviation Tuition Planned School Children
If it was up to Bulgaria's Education Minister Daniel Vulchev, Bulgarian literature classes would in future include hours on transliteration of Bulgarian into Latin to help Bulgarian children improve their SMS writing, local media said.

"Our children socialise online and via SMS's, using a sign-language which does not coincide with what was adopted in the new Law on Transliteration," Vulchev was quoted by Monitor daily as saying.

"This is why we are considering introducing lessons in transliteration as part of Bulgarian literature classes," Vulchev said. "Children can communicate using circles and plusses if they want to, no one can forbid that. But it is nice to know the rules of transliteration."

It was unclear when the new classes would start. "That is up to the experts to decide," Vulchev said.

Vulchev made his statements at the presentation of a new dictionary on Bulgarian grammar and spelling, reworked to include the new Law on Transliteration, on June 9 at Sofia University.

Publication of the 15 000 print-run dictionary was supported by a 200 000 leva subsidy from the Education Ministry.

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