Thursday, 18 June 2009

Fatalities Of Communism Remembered

This new Global Museum on Communism is a very important part to play in understanding how Bulgaria’s history evolved and came to being where they are now. I feel that the tendency is still to put a big black mark against communism times, but many I have spoken to here still wish it was back to those times. Perhaps time heals for them or was it really as atrocious as painted? The figures of “Civil casualties estimated at over 100,000,000” is there to shock I feel. What does the definition of ‘casualties’ really mean? What are the civil casualties of western society?

Global Museum on Communism Opens, Bulgaria Featured

A site, called the Global Museum on Communism and made by eyewitnesses of the Berlin Wall’s fall, launched Tuesday, featuring its first page in alphabetical order about Bulgaria.

The site aims at continuing the fight against Communism and was officially inaugurated Tuesday night in Washington DC at the Residence of the Romanian Ambassador.

According to the data posted on the site, the victims of the Communist Regime in Bulgaria are 200,000. The site hosts a detailed history of Bulgaria’s time under Communism from 1944 to 1989.

It also features biographies of the first and last Communist dictators in the country - Georgi Dimitrov and Todor Zhivkov, as well as those of opposition leader Nikola Petkov and famous dissident writer Georgi Markov, who was murdered in London by the Bulgarian political police.

The first photo of the day in the Bulgarian section is one of Stalin together with Georgi Dimitrov in 1936.

The site plans regular internet broadcasts for China, Vietnam and Cuba while its sponsors include Eastern European governments, private foundations and over 1000 individual donors.

The foundation The Victims of the Communism, which is the moving force behind the project, says that the goal of the online museum is to educate younger generations about the history, the philosophy and the legacy of Communism including its civil casualties, estimated at over 100,000,000.
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