Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Bulgaria Currently The Cheapest Holiday Destination

Bulgaria is the cheapest destination for a holiday according to new statistics out. This is actually based on probably the most expensive region Bulgaria, Sunny Beach. The Black Sea Coast resort can see prices that are double the National average so if you travel elsewhere in Bulgaria it would seem to be even cheaper.

However, I always have a suspicion with these reports of new figures that come out. Holiday destination statistics are made primarily driving a commercial interest to get more people take holidays abroad and are sponsored by other businesses that have financial interest in the travel industry.

I'm just glad they are promoting the concrete jungle of Sunny Beach and not the other beautiful parts of Bulgaria that will eventually be invaded by tourism.

Bulgaria has reclaimed the top spot in the annual Holiday Costs Barometer from Post Office® Travel Services - overtaking last year's top trio of Thailand, South Africa and Egypt, where prices have risen steeply.¹

At around £42 for 10 holiday items, including drinks and meals, Bulgaria's Sunny Beach resort was two and a half times cheaper than Antigua - the most expensive destination surveyed in the foreign currency survey. Two other holiday spots outside the eurozone - Turkey and Croatia - have joined Bulgaria as Europe's cheapest options for a bargain break.

But while attention has been focusing away from the eurozone for holidaymakers on a strict budget this summer, price cutting in some of the most popular eurozone destinations mean that the UK's traditional favourites may cost less than expected and help travel money go further.

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