Sunday, 21 June 2009

Wind Power In Bulgaria Disputed As A Major Energy Source

Wind Power In Bulgaria Disputed As A Major Energy Source

Bullshit! This world is doomed with profits from polluting energy over clean renewable sources of energy. If it is feasible that 100% of Bulgarians energy is wind power so be it and get your head out of the sand! This is so naïve from a so called intelligent figure in the echelons of power. Wind not a regular form of energy? How feeble, perhaps we should use the wind that comes from business minded politicans that's certainly guaranteed more regular!

The construction of wind energy parks in Bulgaria should be limited and should not exceed 20% of the country’s total electricity production capabilities.

This proposal was made Wednesday by Mardik Papazyan, CEO of the Bulgarian state-owned National Electric Company NEK, during an energy forum in St. Constantine and Elena resort on the Black Sea.

Papazyan said that meant the wind electricity production had to be limited to 1 500 MW, while at the present moment there were projects for the construction of wind power facilities with a total electricity production capacity of over 10 000 MW.

According to Papazyan, the construction of wind energy parks has to be stopped in order to protect the energy system of Bulgaria from collapsing especially since wind is not a regular and permanent energy source.

He added that the inclusion of all planned wind energy facilities into the NEK energy distribution system required investments of about EUR 350 M.

Papazyan also pointed out that the preferential lower prices which NEK was required to pay for green energy meant less money for the rehabilitation of the Bulgarian energy distribution network.
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