Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Kaminitza - Top Bulgarian Beer To Change Hands

This is a surprise. Kaminitza is one of the leading quality beers in Bulgaria and sells well here and for export. Owned and managed by Belgians who know their beers it has a worldwide reputation for being on the best beers in the world. Having had many a Kamanitza I can certainly vouch for that. Let’s hope that whoever takes it over carry on in the same successful way as before and no drop in quality.

Kaminitza - Top Bulgarian Beer Kamanitza To Change Hands

Kaminitza - Top Bulgarian Beer Kamanitza To Change Hands

Bulgaria is one of seven countries in Eastern and Central Europe, where the world's largest brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI.BR) is considering divesting its operations, Belgian newspaper Le Soir reported on Saturday.

The paper said 11 breweries producing a total of 15 million hectoliters of beer a year in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia and Montenegro, were part of a "packaged" deal to be sold as a whole.

Le Soir said the company decided to sell its central European operations considered as fragmented and non-strategic in a bid to focus on its north and south American operations.

Kamenitza representatives declined to comment.

Kamenitza AD, part of Interbrew, which was renamed to InBev after the merger of Interbrew and AmBev. Is the second biggest brewery in Bulgaria. Its diverse brand portfolio includes international Stella Artois and Becks and local Kamenitza, AstikA, Burgasko , Pleven, Slavena.

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