Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Court Finally In The Act In Varna

Well after a 72-year delay it must be quite a relief that this court building is to be completed. At a cost of 130 million leva (65 million Euro) surely it wuld have been cheaper to finish it when first planned? When they say it is covered by the National budget, I assume that takes president over pay increases to public service employees who are getting a pay freeze this year? Varna seemed to have managed quite well without a courthouse for the best part of a century, it doesn't seem fair really.

Varna's new court house, a lingering concept since 1937, and which 'commenced' construction on four occasions in the past 72 years, will finally be constructed.

" I hope that by 2013 the judicial branch and institutions in Varna will have a new building," said the former head of the municipal court in Varna, and current Justice Minister Miglena Tacheva, as quoted by Stroitelstvo Gradut.

"The project will cost 130 million leva, covered by the national Budget," she was quoted as saying.

The project was worked out by Dizarch OOD with chief architects Delyan Zhechev, whereas the company entrusted with overall construction is Valex EOOD.

The enterprise has been hailed by the design team as "functional, economic, practical, aesthetic and imposing. Furthermore, the building has to be enduring," the statement reads.

The new court house will be perched on Dr Piskyuliev Boulevard, Nikola Kunev Street and Nikola Daskalov Street, on a parcel of 6403 sq m, with a gross area of 41 787 sq m.

Three underground levels will assure capacity for 297 parking spaces. The facility will accommodate quarters for the court police, administrative centre, a storage centre and an archive centre. The ground floor will be designated for customer service and the general public, document procession, registrations and other uses.

Six floors will be allocated to accommodate all the court rooms, 33 in total, and 404 offices whereas the top floor will be transformed into a large roof garden, hosting the magistrate's club and a large library. The building will be served by 18 lifts.

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