Monday, 22 June 2009

Bulgaria's First Electric Car Produced

Much as I hate cars, this is a step forward in Bulgarian car technology and a drop in the ocean towards a cleaner vehicle. That’s all it is I’m afraid. The marketing of other dirtier forms of car vehicles are too strong and the idea of electric cars on Bulgarian roads is far fetched right now. It may take a country to become polluted before drivers realise that there may be a cleaner alternative. Most polluted western European countries still haven’t realised this. Pity.

Belchev Motors Presents Bulgaria’s First Electromobile

Bulgaria’s first electricity-powered automobile of the XCAR type will be presented today in the town of Stara Zagora. The project has been developed by a five-member team of the Belchev Motors Company. All parts of the electromobile have been manufactured in Bulgaria. The one-seat XCAR is 210 cm long and weighs 400 kilos with the batteries, which need eight hours and 6.5 kilowatt-hours of electricity to charge. XCAR’s battery life is one hundred kilometers and the mileage cost is 0.01 lev per kilometer. The one-seat electromobile’s maximum speed is 45 km/h and it costs 9,900 levs.

Representatives of Belchev Motors say the two-seat model will be shown soon. They have already submitted application to the Ministry of Transport to license the prototype and launch mass production.
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