Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Which Criminal Will You Vote For In Bulgaria?

Which Criminal Will You Vote For In Bulgaria?

Scandals are ripe in Bulgarian politics as it gives licence to practice this. Running for Government simple means you become immune from prosecution – What message does that send out to the poor Bulgarians who vote? It simple means that that they solely have a choice of criminals to vote for. Mind you is it any different anywhere in the modern world now in politics? Is I no wonder many voters are disaffected from voting here?

Bulgaria's Socialist-led government has been plagued by high-level corruption scandals during its four years in power, prompting the European Union to freeze millions of euros in aid for the bloc's poorest member.

Brussels criticised Sofia for failing to cut links between virtually all political parties and "rings of companies", a phrase used by Ahmed Dogan -- the kingmaker in the ruling coalition and leader of the ethnic Turkish MRF -- to explain how parties are funded.

Last year, Transparency International rated Bulgaria the most corrupt EU nation. Despite numerous pledges, Sofia has not convicted a single senior official of graft and has sent to jail only one crime boss since the end of communism in 1989.

Suspected criminals have received temporary immunity from prosecution after registering to run for parliament.

The agriculture and environment ministries, both controlled by the MRF, and the construction and the economy ministries, controlled by the Socialists, have been allegedly involved in some of the most notorious schemes in the past few years.

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