Sunday, 7 June 2009

Swine Flu In Bulgaria - Second Case Now Confirmed

Why is it that most things that come from America are bad for Bulgaria, albeit via Mexico? Well another confirmed case of swine flu now and the wait for more as the virus originating from South America spreads. What the virus needs is a good dose of Bulgarian rakia to 'kick ass', but that's speaking from a non-medical point of view.

Bulgaria confirmed second A/H1N1 flu case in a kind from the town of Blagoevgrad who returned recently to Bulgaria from the United States.

National Reference Laboratory for Human Influenza had confirmed case early during the day.

Minister of Health doctor Evgeny Zhelev will pay visit in regional hospital in the town of Blagoevgrad at 10.00 a.m. on Saturday.

He will get equitant with condition of a kind infected with A/H1N1.

The illness is taking its normal course-with one respiratory syndrome, cold, cough and low temperature.

Six people had contacts with the kid. They will be tested for the new flu.
World Health Organization /WHO/ and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Meanwhile doubts for a new case of A H1N1 flu has been announced by the Regional Inspectorate for Public Health Prevention and Control (RIOKOZ) – Haskovo.

The man has been hospitalized in the infection ward of Multiprofile Hospital in the town of Haskovo last night.

The man has been working as a TIR driver. He was traveling to Spain for 3-4 days.

We hope we will not allow new A/H1N1 virus to spread among Bulgarians. However, if it happens we hope we will be able to focalize it so not to spread among people. This is what state health inspector doctor Tencho Tenev said for FOCUS News Agency.

“The kind and his grandparents had been taken to hospital despite the illness is taking its normal course- with one respiratory syndrome, cold, cough and low temperature.

Nevertheless, we had decided to admit him to hospital so to have constant medical supervision.

We are searching for people who had contacts with him. We had considered them four but they had appeared to be six or more. All of them will be tested for the new flu.

We hope no one had got infected but we will know for sure after test results are ready,” he said.

In his words those who feel indisposed or have respiratory symptoms as cold, cough must go to a doctor and tell they had come from a country with A/H1N1 cases.
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