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Bulgaria Needs Wise Investment in Agriculture

Bulgaria’s industry is mainly agricultural but there is a lack of management to make use of this industry that has the potential to become one of Europe’s leading food producers. Of course investment is needed, but wise investment iand a thought about hiw this will affect Bulgaria is the real key. All anyone seems to be interested in is 'bigger' business. Small cottage industries to supply local needs has worked here for generations. Europe want to change that with massive agricutural monopolies mainly for export. This will change Bulgaria's landscape and put thousands of local farmers out of business - Typical and historically proved in other countries

Bulgaria Needs Wise Investment in Agriculture

Among the main priorities in the government policy of Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria /CEDB/ will be anti-corruption measures, anti-crisis measures directed at reviving Bulgarian agriculture, education and conditions to stimulate small- and medium-sized businesses and Bulgarian producers, said Tsvetan Tsvetanov, CEDB Chairman and majority candidate in Veliko Tarnovo constituency, cited by FOCUS – Veliko Tarnovo Radio.
Tsvetanov visited the northern village of Kozlovets in the municipality of Svishtov.
Commenting on the condition of agricultural regions, he highlighted that all villages and towns where the major means of living is vegetables, milk or grain production, “the contraband entering Bulgaria and tolerated by the present government, further kills Bulgarian produce.”
“The condition of Bulgarian agriculture today is catastrophic,” said Tsvetanov and added that in order to have “Bulgarian bread, Bulgarian yoghurt, Bulgarian fruits and vegetables on our table, the people who love and till Bulgarian land should be assisted.”

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