Monday, 29 June 2009

Gypsies Kill Security Guard For Cherries

The gypsy threats of criminal activities are a threat throughout Bulgaria and an example is given here of what they get up to. Most gypsies refuse to conform to Bulgarian culture, which includes growing their own crops. Instead they rely on stealing other peoples’ harvests and in this case killing a guard as he was in the way. It will be interesting to see what punishment will be given.

Gypsies Kill Security Guard For Cherries

The 46-year-old guard of a cherry orchard in the Bulgarian village of Shishkovtsi was murdered by hoe handles.

After seven Roma were detained Saturday, the Kyustendil police is still looking for another perpetrator, Darik Radio reported.

The Kyustendil District Prosecutor, Kameliya Stefanova, said all seven detainees were from the Roma Quarter "Iztok" in the city of Kyustendil.

The suspects will be detained for 72 hours, and that a decision for their permanent detention will be taken by the court on Monday. The seven are suspected of an intentional murder and the severe beating of two other guards.

The Roma raid against the cherry orchard and the murder of one of its guards led the population of the region to demand extra security measures, threatening to defend itself with any means possible if the authorities failed to take action.