Saturday, 13 June 2009

World Blog Surf Day 13th June 2009 - World Food

A quick note to remind everyone that today 13th June 2009 is World Blog Surf Day. There are blogs about food from all around the world. There is now an opportunity to travel around the world surfing and get a truly international tour and taste form bloggers who have written blogs dedicated to this special World Blogs Surf Day .

You can start anywhere you like and you will be whisked off on a wave of blogs geographically taking you from one country to another. Some of the countries you will visit on fhe tour are South America, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, USA, Canada, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, Italy and of course not forgetting my own home of Bulgaria.

Why not take the tour on this celebratory day and learn about the foods of the world.

Bulgaria is a good place to start the tour, just click here and you are on your travels -> Bulgaria. Or just click on the World Blog Surf Day widget below and choose a different location from there to start off.

Happy World Blog Surfing and Thanks for Visiting
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