Thursday, 2 July 2009

Limp Bizkit In Bulgaria For The First Time

Well Sofia isn’t renown for tea and dunked biscuits that go limp, but more recently they had another kind of Limp Bizkit albeit not having a clue how to spell correctly. Having said that the Balkan audience were under a different kind o spell as the group has a cult following. This was their premier performance in Bulgaria and is they stay as together as a group long enough I’m sure they will return. Limp Bizkit isn’t my cup of tea so you won’t find me dunking my ears into their music, but then I’m not part of the new generation that likes this stuff.

As headliners for the Rock the Balkans festival 2009 Limp Bizkit performed their first concert in Bulgaria on June 29 2009.

The band opened their set with My Generation, followed by hits like "Show Me What You Got", "Eat You Alive", "Hot Dog", "Break Stuff", "Re-arranged" and "Nookie".

The band concluded their main set with the laughter from Thriller, as a tribute to Michael Jackson, followed by a cover of George Michael's Faith.

An screaming crowd drew the band back on stage for an encore; Behind Blue Eyes, Rollin and Take A Look Around.

Other bands at the festival included Saga, Queensryche, and Manga among others.

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