Wednesday, 29 July 2009

More UK Northerners To Bulgaria On Holiday Next Year?

There are so many people from the north of England who have a passion for Bulgaria I do wonder why. Perhaps the rough around the edges is a common factor, or the cheapness appeals. Me being a Londoner would get a bit of stick from northerners saying that but I don’t care. Also the prices of a meal and a large beer quoted is very expensive from where I am standing, even on the Black Sea Coast, but Brits are happy to pay that so what? More Brits to Bulgaria for holidays with flights there next year? Well it is a million times better than dire Blackpool that’s for sure, but many Brits still wear blinkers. By the way I’ve lived up north in Yorkshire for 13 years and I’ve been to Blackpool and couldn’t get out fast enough so I’m qualified to say what I say.

More UK Northerners To Bulgaria On Holiday Next Year?
Bulgaria is back on Blackpool International’s destination map for summer 2010.
Demand has always been high to reinstate this popular destination and now specialist operator Balkan Holidays is commencing weekly flights next year to Bourgas direct from Blackpool starting on the 9th August.

Sue Kendrick, the airport’s customer relations and communications manager, said: “The route has been sorely missed for the last few years and passengers emailing in to the airport requesting its return should be delighted that it is back.

“Bulgaria is attracting a lot of interest from holidaymakers not only because of its fantastic sandy beaches and great weather but also because it’s a euro free zone! A holiday in Bulgaria can be great value for money with a three course meal costing under £10 per person and a large beer only £1.30.”

“Getting a popular route back for next summer is more good news for Blackpool International and our passengers. We seem to be bucking the trend at Blackpool with most of our flights doing better than last year. So a big thanks to all the passengers from across Lancashire and the Lake District for supporting their local airport.”

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