Friday, 17 July 2009

Bulgaria Has The Cheapest Food In Europe - Relatively Speaking

Bulgaria Has The Cheapest Food In Europe - Relatively Speaking

Bulgaria is shown to be the cheapest EU country for food, non-alcoholic drinks and hotels. Not surprising that so many people come here because of that fact. The main cost for holidays here is the airfare and even that can be bought at rock bottom prices out of season. Living here of course means you have to deal with the low income received so although the cheapest cost of living in Europe we also have the poorest population with lowest income.

Denmark, Ireland and Finland had the highest overall prices of all European Union nations for consumer goods such as food, clothing and electronics last year, the EU statistics agency said Thursday.

Eurostat said widely different taxes on food, alcohol and tobacco across the bloc's 27 states account for a massive price gap where Ireland tops the table and Romania is cheapest. Food and nonalcoholic drinks are most expensive in Denmark and cheapest in Bulgaria.

It said the difference for clothing prices is smaller, with Britain being the least costly and Finland the most expensive. Prices for consumer electronics also vary less, it said. Britain is again the cheapest destination for these and Malta the priciest.

Hotels cost the most in Denmark and the least in Bulgaria, Eurostat said.

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