Thursday, 16 July 2009

An Impressive Boyko To Stand Up For Bulgaria

Boyko has made an impressive start as the future Prime Minister of Bulgaria. His first in depth television interview showed how much of a diplomat he has evolved into, but retaining a great sense of leadership and having his own mind. Having his own way has been the case to date in his previous careers, so this will be very interesting if he comes up against opposition to those above him, i.e. EU for certain and agreeably Russia. Borisov get things done, he doesn’t dwell and he comes over as a tough guy and that’s the appeal to the Bulgarian people. Someone who will stand up for them for a change. If you read the interview report, man things on his agenda make sense for Bulgaria.

An Impressive Boyko To Stand In For Bulgaria
The Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Belene must be built because it is an extraordinary chance for Bulgaria, according to the country's future PM, Boyko Borisov.

Borisov spoke in an interview for the "Tete-a-Tete" show of the Bulgarian TV channel Nova Televizia.

The leader of the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party, winner of the July 5 general elections, said the exclusive permission of the EU to build a NPP must be used, but the realities of how much of its financing could be guaranteed by the State, would become known once he sees the budget from "the inside."

In relation to the deals of the Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH), Borisov stated he was in touch on a regular basis with the BEH Director, Galina Tosheva, and had given her the green light to sign the agreement for natural gas deliveries from Greece to help overcome an eventual new gas crisis triggered by Russia.

The future Prime Minister (PM) also said he was given BEH permission to finalize loan negotiations for the expansion of the gas storage in Chiren.

Borisov pointed out that the signing of the contract for the EU project for the "Nabucco" gas line was also crucial for Bulgaria and he had made it clear to outgoing PM, Sergey Stanishev, adding he did not trust outgoing Energy Minister, Petar Dimitrov, and this was the reason why he asked him to halt finalizing important energy projects.

When asked about his take on the relations with Russia, Russian fears that they lost their closest ally in Europe, and the future of the Russian energy projects in Bulgaria, the GERB leader reiterated his party was pro-European and would watch over the EU interests, but pointed out he had close Russian friends including the Moscow Mayor and employees of the Russian Interior, and would not oppose mutually beneficial deals.

The PM-to-be praised the dismissal of the CEO's of the Maritsa Iztok mines and vowed punishment for everyone involved in criminal activities, embezzlement and abuse of power.

Borisov rejected once again talks that his charisma had brought him and the entire party into power, and pointed out GERB had become a strong and organized political formation, giving himself the credit for only playing very well against the negative socialist campaign, the costliest in Bulgaria's recent history.

"People in Bulgaria voted for someone they know as former Chief Secretary of the Interior Ministry and as Mayor of Sofia," the GERB leader said.

Regarding publications in Western media that he is a former bodyguard and a karate black belt, who could prove untrustworthy, Borisov explained it with the search for sensational news.

"I have never been a bodyguard; I had a security company with 2 000 employees. I have been a firefighter, college educator, have a PhD in Interior Security, but media is more interested in black belts and giving me the attention awarded only to Russian PM Putin," the future PM stated.

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