Friday, 24 July 2009

New Ambassador In Old One Out With A Top Medal - Why?

Looks like we’ve got a bloke back in as the ambassador in Sofia, surely that is sexist? Well that what some feminist extremist might think and say. Nancy is going out with a nice Stara Planina honour. Not quite sure why she got the highest possible honour for just being an ambassador? Not quite a hero’s job is it? I suppose we haven't heard much about here in the news so she must have kept the peace pretty well then.

New Ambassador In Old One Out With A Top Medal - Why?

US president Barack Obama is to name Marc S Ellenbogen, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, as ambassador in Sofia to replace Nancy McEldowney, a Bulgarian media report said on July 24 2009.

Ellenbogen (47) chairs the board of directors of the Global Panel Foundation, Standart said.

The paper quoted diplomatic sources. There was no announcement on the White House website or that of the state department.

McEldowney, who is moving to a senior state department post in Washington, met Bulgarian President Georgi Purvanov on July 23 when he presented her with the country’s highest honour, the Stara Planina first class.

Purvanov said that over the 106 years of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and the US, relations were at an all-time high, "not simply because we are strategic partners, allies, but because we have dialogue such as we have never had before".

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