Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Veselin Topalov - No Chance Of Stalemate Here

Chess and Veselin Topalov are synonymous. He is a household name in Bulgaria. Veselin Topalov now 34 years old is a Bulgarian chess grandmaster and former FIDE world chess champion. He currently is the highest ranked player in the world. This alone might give good reason to have the World Chess Championships held in Bulgaria. Bulgaria have made a bold first move and it seems that there will be now stalemate in the fight for the venue with India.

Veselin Topalov - No Chance Of Stalemate Here
Bulgarian organizers are preparing a bid for Anand-Topalov match and BCF President Stefan Sergiev confirmed that they will be looking for about 3 million euro.

But the other part of his statement is even more interesting:

- "Topalov is a charismatic personality in Bulgaria, much more than Anand in India and a WCC here will surely benefit from this."

- "Berik Balgabaev and FIDE have assured me that they rely on us and they believe that India is not up to the task of organizing the Topalov - Anand match."
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