Thursday, 9 July 2009

Boyko Borisov - Superman Or Batman?

Boyko Borisov - Superman Or Batman?

Here are the official figures for the Bulgarian Parliamentary election held of the 5th July. As mentioned before, Boyko Borisov will become Prime Minister under a coalition Government with his Citizens for European Development (also known as GERB).

  • - Citizens for European Development GERB) 39.7%
  • - Socialists 22%
  • - Movement for Rights & Freedoms 14.47%
  • - Ataka 9.4%
  • - Blue Coalition 6.7%

Borisov is now the superhero and has the nickname as Superman, but here in Bulgaria they get Batman mixed up with Batman and the portrayal of Boyko, as a super hero is the Batman figure with a superman name. That aside he will be a tough cookie in diplomacy as he has proved as the Mayor of Sofia. He will get things done. The key is the relationship with Europe, he has more of a leaning there than the previous PM Sergey Stanishev who was of Russian origin and bowed before them. This won’t happen with Boyko. His main problem is and always will be his resolution to fight corruption and Mafia, something that every government have failed to do in the past. If he does he might fear for his life at some point as that’s how Mafia solve problems.

Image by chanchan222 via Flickr
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