Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Great Idea - A Mobile Disco In Bulgaria

What a good idea and from the UK originally, but Bulgarian love their music and party time so much, they have taken it onboard here. And all for charity as well, much needed here in Bulgaria of course. Everyone has fun and all for a good cause at the end of the day. Thanks UK for the loan of this system unfortunately, not much else good is imported to Bulgaria from there nowadays. Not quite sure of the title, ‘Liqueur Start A Party’ sending out the right signals though, as this does promote drinking to the young generation. Maybe that’s a UK idea of this project that wasn’t so good.

A Great Idea - A Mobile Disco In Bulgaria
It is called the Liqueur Start A Party, it has too many wheels to count and consists of four specially equipped trucks that, once at their destination, transform into a complete high-tech disco that meets operational requirements and noise proof levels.

The moveable disco was an "avant-garde music and social project designed for young people in Bulgaria," a media statement sent out on July 13 said.

The four trucks carry everything from their own generators for electricity, to air conditioning and a modern sound installation.

The trucks are to tour 208 Bulgarian cities in 240 days and, along the way, various famous Bulgarian singers and bands will make appearances.

The idea of the project is not new; it has been imported from the UK. The intention of the project is to provide the latest in Bulgarian pop music youth "in every corner of the country," the media statement said.

Part of the entrance receipts will go to the Association Protect the Women, for projects supporting people with disabilities. The disco itself has a ramped entrance, so it is accessible for disabled people.