Friday, 31 July 2009

A New Kind Of Plant In The Bulgarian Countryside

A New Kind Of Plant In The Bulgarian Countryside
I have seen one of these types of solar energy plants being built on the road to my village between the villages of Botovo and Meden Kladinets. It is a bit of an eyesore as it is in the middle of unspoilt countryside and grape vineyards, but that a small price to pay with the renewable energy that will come from this. If there are as many built as planned then this will have some clout in being self-sufficient, at least from the villages and small towns that the surround the plants.

Balmoral Bulgaria SPV, owned and funded by Balmoral Capital Holdings Inc., has signed a 25 year deal with Apex Solar to gain approval for 18 solar power plants in Bulgaria.
Balmoral Bulgaria SPV is an integrated solar development company which will aid Apex Solar in its plans to build 130-144 PV plants throughout Bulgaria, and then expand to other European countries by 2011.
The solar power plants are currently still undergoing development but panel delivery has already roughly been scheduled for early in 2010. The solar plants will vary in size with the smallest being just 1MW and the largest at 5MW. It is estimated that once completed the plants will yeild 144MW when running at full capacity.
Each of the plants will be organized by Apex Solar and designed by Balmoral Bulgaria SPV.
“We are looking for competitive bids on state-of-the-art high performance PV panels and the results of the winning bid will be given in the next 30 days. There are so many high technically performing panels with great financial returns. It is hard to settle to one manufacturer,” said Rodney Kincaid, managing partner of Balmoral Capital and CEO of Balmoral Financial.
The partnership is aimed at helping the company move on to other European markets as soon as early 2011.
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