Friday, 24 July 2009

Boiko Next Bulgarian PM - Tell Us Something New

Boiko Borissov the next PM? This is a no news report everyone who knows anything knew this was going to happen. Well I suppose they have to go through the motions on this. Not too sure whether Georgi and Boiko get on too well looking at the body language on Bulgarian television news yesterday when the officialdom and announcement was taking place.

Boiko Next Bulgarian PM - Tell Us Something New

Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov named Sofia Mayor Boiko Borissov to be the next prime minister and backed a Cabinet that faces pulling the nation out of recession and patching up a reputation tattered by corruption.

Parvanov, speaking at the presidential palace in Sofia, urged parliament to approve the government on July 27. Borissov, a former bodyguard, set up his GERB party three years ago, which ousted the ruling Socialists in July 5 elections.

Borissov, a 50-year-old former communist-era special forces soldier, promised that fighting corruption will be its main focus. The government, facing its first budget deficit in six years because of the recession, must persuade the EU to release 350 million euros ($488 million) of subsidies withheld because of claims his predecessor failed to stop graft.

“He has chosen a governing formula that will not be easy to fulfill, which is a challenge,” Parvanov told reporters after meeting Borissov.

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