Friday, 10 July 2009

Bulgaria Makes Closer Ties Withn Kosovo

Good to see that further positive ties with Kosovo are being made right now with the new government being formed in Bulgaria. I suppose it is Bulgaria that is the EU ambassador as it stands. Five more jobs created for Bulgarians, maybe that was one motive, although I really don’t know what these people do in embassies.

Bulgaria Makes Closer Ties Withn Kosovo
The outgoing Government of Bulgaria has decided to upgrade the existing Liaison Office of Bulgaria into the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Kosovo. According to the Bulgarian media the Embassy is going to have an Ambassador (currently Ivo Ivanov), a diplomatic staff of four people and a technical staff of one.

With this measure the Bulgarian side is aiming at deepening its cooperation with the Republic of Kosovo along the lines of stability, security, and EU integration of the region.

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