Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dare You Risk Driving In Bulgaria?

Having driven in Bulgaria for a number of years now, I am of the opinion that they Bulgarians are one of the worse disciplined drivers in the world. It is no surprise that the report showing the recent fatalities on Bulgarian roads are as they are. The amount of near misses that every driver experiences on a day-to-day basis is again no surprise if you have ever had the ‘pleasure’ of driving in Bulgaria. These statistics will remain for as long as the stupidity and homicide mentality of Bulgaria drivers remain. There are many great things about Bulgaria, but driving habits are the pits!

Dare You Risk Driving In Bulgaria?

Two people travelling in a sedan car on the Pleven – Rousse road died on July 21 2009 when their vehicle collided head-on with a truck while travelling in the oncoming lane, in the latest of a series of deaths on Bulgaria’s roads as the summer season nears its peak.

Bulgarian news agency Focus said earlier that three people had died in road accidents in the past 24 hours. Of 25 people injured in 19 road accidents, three were in critical condition.

In Sofia alone, there had been four serious road accidents and 95 light accidents.

A day earlier, on July 20, Focus said that two women aged had died and two people had been injured in an accident on Buzludzha-Kazanlak road in a head-on collision the previous night.

A 22-year-old man died on the spot and three people – a 20-year-old man, 15-year-old girl and a 22-year-old man – were hurt in a head-on collision on the road between the southern town of Asenovgrad and the village of Cherven on July 19, the National Medical Coordination Centre said.

On July 19, one person died and three were injured in a road accident in the northern village of Toros, Focus said.

A minivan went out of control and hit two pedestrians. The driver of the van ran away but was detained by police, who said that the driver was 22, did not have a driving licence and had a blood-alcohol level well over the legal limit.

On July 18, a Slovakian citizen died after being hit by two cars consecutively on the road between the seaside town of Kiten and village of Lozenets, the District Police Directorate said.

The pedestrian "who sprang on the road out of the blue", Focus said, was hit by a Bourgas driver and, knocked by the impact into the opposite lane, was then hit by a Sliven driver.

Four people, three Bulgarians and a Greek, died on July 18 in a head-on collision between their car and lorry between Serres and Promahon in Greece. Reports said that the driver appeared to have lost control of the heavily-loaded vehicle, Bulgarian National Radio said.

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