Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Corruption Report - That's All

Another useless European commission stating the obvious and telling us what we all know anyway. Why do they bother wasting time and presumably tax payer money? Anyone living in these said countries could have told you exactly what the report states. What has this achieved? Nothing! Will is solve a problem where a population have nowhere to go for protection from corruption with the law that is formed there for protection but are the worse offenders? No! Message – Don’t bother next time!

Corruption Report - That's All
In Bulgaria and Romania corruption has penetrated the various layers of society so deeply that it has made their citizens take it for a normal way to solve problems, according to the results of an European Commission poll, conducted in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Germany and Great Britain, the Romanian edition Ziare reported.

Ziare states that Bulgarians, Romanians and Croats have a feeling of a mafia-like character of the law, which has at its centre the interests of all parts of social life: politics, law enforcement, justice, public authority, business, NGO sector, mass media. A common presumption in these countries is that the justice systems are, in fact, the key cause, instead of the key rival against the corruption phenomenon. And because those at the top of authority always remain unpunished, bribing has turned into a national sport. People in these countries seem to justify corruption when it comes to raising their humble salaries or speeding up a bureaucratic procedure, the report points out.

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