Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Nabucco Agreement Reached - Common Goals Work

Well it looks like Bulgaria has got its act together with this one, mind you they needed to with the history of begin held to ransom by Russia. It’s also great to see that the EU is nowhere to be seen here, which is why things have moved forward so effectively recently. All the countries involved have a need for this now so they work well together with that common goal. How refreshing is it that that a meaningful working relationship without any prejudice of politics, religion or a trivial processes through irrelevant quangos etc.

Nabucco Agreement Reached - Common Goals Work
The idea to transport natural gas from Central Asia to the EU member-countries via Turkey and South-eastern Europe, it is now on the verge to become a fact. The Prime Ministers of Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Rumania and Turkey signed an agreement in Ankara for cooperation in transportation of natural gas over the “Nabucco” gas transmission system on Monday. “Nabucco” will reduce Europe’s dependence on Russia for gas supplies.

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