Saturday, 4 July 2009

Formula One Circuit Soon In Bulgaria - Sliven?

Formula One Circuit Soon In Bulgaria - Sliven?

There were plans a few years a go to build a Formula One circuit in the Bulgarian southeastern town of Sliven. I presume this is still the venue that is in mind. Bulgaria successfully holds motorcycle events here on a yearly basis and to move up a gear into Formula One would be a great step. I just hope that it doesn't end up as all talk and no action. Bernie Ecclestone usually gets what he wants though.

Bernie Ecclestone will meet with a delegation from Bulgaria next weekend in view of adding the name of the southeastern European republic to the Formula One calendar.

We reported in March that the Bulgarian Motorcycle Federation was in talks with the F1 chief executive and assigning funds to build a bespoke Formula One circuit.

Representatives of the race organising committee have now been formally invited to the Nurburgring next weekend to meet with Ecclestone, the Focus news agency said on Thursday.

It is claimed the race promotion contract, to be initially for 2011 through 2015 and with an option to extend further, could be signed at the German Grand Prix.

Ecclestone will reportedly also meet with Baden-Wurttemberg premier Gunther Oettinger at the Nurburgring, in a bid to rescue embattled Hockenheim's Formula One round.

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