Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Boyko Borissov Now Officially Bulgaria's Number One

Well if has finally arrive Boyko Borissov is now official the Bulgarian Number One after being voted into office as Prime Minister. It remains to see what he will do with all he has put into his manifesto or whether outside forces beyond his jurisdiction lead him to detract from his promises. He may seem tough from the outside, but what is the man really made of now it comes to the crunch. Also which way will he lead Bulgaria more towards Russia with comradeship or EU in Sinkingship?
Boyko Borissov Now Officially Bulgaria's Number One
The leader of the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB), Boiko Borisov, was elected Monday Bulgaria's new prime minister after a vote in the parliament.

Borisov was elected prime minister with 162 votes in favor, 77 votes against, and one abstaining in a voting, in which all 240 members of the Bulgarian parliament took part.

Bulgaria's parliament also approved the structure of the center-right government of Borisov, voting 162-78. The lineup of the future government was approved on 162-77 votes, with one abstention.

The new government got the support of the MPs of Borisov's GERB and the other three rightist party -- Ataka, the "Blue Coalition" and the "Order, Lawfulness, Justice" party. The leftist Coalition for Bulgaria with the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Pary, and the ethnic Turkish party "Movement for Rights and Freedoms" voted against.

The new Bulgarian government was sworn in right after the voting, in the presence of President Georgi Parvanov.

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