Wednesday, 1 July 2009

1st July Morning In Bulgaria - Sunrise With Uriah Heap

Each year at Kamen Braig on the Black Sea Coast thousands gather to watch the sunrise on the first day of July. This is a recent tradition brought alive by the band Uriah Heap who have a hit called July Morning. It is tradition that this song is play whilst the sun rises early in the morning. In recent years Uriah Heap have attended and performed live in Bulgaria. There would have been thousands gathered this morning. Enjoy the moments from 2007 in this video and get the atmosphere, almost hippy style – By the way this is not a vehicle for troublemakers, everyone has a great time in a community that is just there to enjoy the moments and music.

July Morning 2007 Kamen Briag, Bulgaria
The rising sun while Urah Heep's vocal singing the song 'July Morning' live in Bulgaria.

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