Thursday, 9 July 2009

More Foreign Supermarket Chains In Bulgaria?

Oh dear, yet another big supermarket chain considering moving into the Bulgaria retail market. Another stab in the back for small local traders and another step up the ladder to retail greed and conning the public into thinking that big it better. Already we have many foreign owned supermarkets such as Kaufland, Billa, Carrefour and Metro to name a few. Small shops will just die as they have been since these big monster stores open on the fringes of may town and cities which also encourage more use of cars to get there. All profits don’t forget go to the owners of the supermarkets, not the Bulgarian people.

More Foreign Supermarket Chains In Bulgaria?
Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize considered entering the Bulgarian market, French-language Belgian business newspaper L'Echo (no relation to The Sofia Echo) quoted Delhaize CEO Pierre-Olivier Beckers as saying.

Delhaize already operated on the Romanian and Greek markets, so "Bulgaria was a logical choice," Beckers was quoted as saying.

The ultimate goal, Belgian broadcaster said, was for Delhaize to position itself among the top three supermarket chains in the three countries.

A few days earlier, Delhaize-owned subsidiary Mega Image concluded the acquisition of Romanian Prodas Supermarkets, said. With the acquisition of the four Prodas stores, Mega Image has expanded its network to 43 stores in the country.

In Greece, Delhaize operates through its Greek subsidiary Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos and is the second largest supermarket chain in the country.

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