Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Exam Busters In Bulgaria - Why Not Switch To Mafia Busters?

Isn’t this a worldwide problem? Buying Diplomas and Degrees has been around for decades anyone can buy these online right now. This is slightly different of course as there is allegedly direct payments made to educators here. Might it be to do with not paying educators a big enough salary? I think not, it is greed that is instilled in most human being and taking advantage of their esteemed position as student peers. I find it strange that this corruption was sourced and seemingly thwarted, but political and organised crime in Bulgaria is left untouched.

The Exam Busters In Bulgaria - Why Not Switch To Mafia Busters?
Bulgarian police and prosecutors busted an organised group that routinely fixed examinations at the University of National and World Economy (UNWE) in Sofia, the Interior Ministry said on July 24.

Two men, one of them a professor at UNWE and an intermediary, were arrested on July 23, the ministry said.

Rather than directly bribe the professor, the group used doubles - people who would stand in for the prospective students at admission exams, using counterfeit ID. Fees ranged between 500 leva and 4000 leva, the police said.

The investigation was launched some time ago and was carried out by the corruption-fighting unit in the criminal police department together with the Interior Ministry's regional directorate in Blagoevgrad, in southwestern Bulgaria, Sofia chief prosecutor Nikolai Kokinov said, as quoted by Focus news agency.

Charges would be pressed by the end of the day on July 24, Kokinov said, but declined to comment whether the group had accomplices higher up in the university hierarchy. The investigators were also checking whether the group carried out similar activities in other universities, the police said.
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