Friday, 3 July 2009

Tragic Death At July Morning Event At Kamen Briag

The was a tragic death at the July Morning event at Kamen Briag in the early hours of the morning. A crying shame that such a tragedy should happen with such a harmless and loving event. I know the area is quite high up on a rock base and therefore quite a treacherous area, especially in the dark of the night with perhaps a little alcohol mixed in at the time. I just hope this incident doesn’t put a curfew on the event and it remains a free yearly tradition. Accidents happen, but sometimes over reaction and ridiculous safeguard are not needed. People get run over by cars every day, but they don’t stop cars on the roads.

Tragic Death At July Morning Event At Kamen Briag
A 22-year-old male from Varna has fallen to his death in Kamen Briag, on the northern Bulgarian seaside. The tragic accident occurred during the traditional July Morning celebration, where thousands of young people from across the country gather and stay up all night to greet the sunrise on July 1, Bulgarian news agency BTA has reported.

The youth had fallen off a 60-metre cliff, dying instantly, mangled between the rocks and the surf. According to Kavarna mayor, Tsonko Tsonev, there were more than 10 000 people present at the annual July Morning gathering.

The authorities were alerted at 1.45am and a paramedics unit and the fire brigade were dispatched to the scene. The firefighters were struggling for more than two hours to extract the corpse, while emergency units were delayed in reaching the site thanks to the hundreds of kiosks and tents pitched all over the perimeter, obstructing their advance.

The organisers claim that 50 police officers were deployed onto the scene from the local precinct. Apparently they had spent three days before the gathering, installing signs indicating the location of hazardous zones around the cliff's edge.

The traditional morning concert, July Morning Fest, started at 4.30am with a minute's silence.

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