Sunday, 19 July 2009

Totalitarian Art Exhibition In Sofia

It must seem like a lifetime away since the fall of communism in Bulgaria. So much has changed since the call for 'freedom' in 1989. This exhibition wil be seen by a youth in Bulgaria who don't haven't been through the previous Bulgaria shown in this exhibition. It may well shock a few being reminded of their turbulant cultural past.

 Totalitarian Art Exhibition In Sofia
Through the works on display, curator of the exhibition, art expert Bisera Iosifova, gives us facts from the social life of that time, without memories of eyewitnesses and subjective moods.

The works of art cover two historical periods:

The first starts right after September 9, 1944, the day of the Red Army-backed coup d'état, which installed a new government led by the Communist Fatherland Front (FF). As a consequence of that event, Bulgaria broke its alliance and declared war on Nazi Germany. After the war, Georgi Dimitrov, a close friend of Josef Stalin, became prime minister, monarchy was abolished and Bulgaria was declared a people's republic.

The second period is that of the late socialism with all its stylistic and ideological peculiarities.

Part of the exhibition is dedicated to contemporary art. In this context, visual artist Adelina Popnedeleva presents her video installation, photographs of graffiti that refer to the causes and consequences of today’s political process.

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